Deals are organized workspaces and content libraries for your sales opportunities and accounts. Deals can be connected to your CRM and other tools to automatically sync details.

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  1. Stay Organized: Organize and index your email threads, meeting notes, CRM data, and shared documents for easy access.
  2. Save Time: Use AI to create and customize documents, answer questions, and automate workflows.
  3. Close Deals Faster: Leverage AI to help close faster.

Deals work best when connected to your CRM, email, and meetings so you’re always up-to-date.


The toolbar is where you can add teammates to a deal and view/edit a deal’s static properties like contacts, line items, etc.

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You can get a detailed view into the account by clicking the info circle in the top right and opening the modal. These details are automatically synced daily from your CRM if your deal is connected to one.

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Connections show you some of the main integrations for your Deal. It helps you ensure that the most important sources of context are being synced.

For best results, connect your CRM, email, and meeting tools (via Zapier). As your deals progress, they will automatically pull in new information. You should also upload any relevant documents (like contracts) to the Deal to ensure that Paige can provide you with answers from them.

Action buttons

Each button corresponds to a Workflow that can be kicked off for the deal. See specific workflows like Emails, Documents, and Respond for more details.


Deal documents are a place to store all content and communications with an account - this typically includes meeting notes, customized collateral, and shared documents.

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These are “finalized” documents that are either shared with customers or involve contextual information like notes and meeting transcripts. Some of these are automatically synced from your CRM and email if the deal is connected to one. Documents are indexed and will be used as sources when you ask Paige a question about this deal.


These are in-progress documents and spreadsheets which can be edited and are not indexed for search. Paige generates drafts for you to finalize through various workflows.



Your inbox will show any emails with contacts in the deal and also chats that users have started inside any shared deal documents. You can reply to emails and chats directly, or auto draft responses.