Security Questionnaires come in a variety of formats - spreadsheet, online form, document, etc. DealPage provides tools to respond to any questionnaire in seconds with AI.

The Problem

Responding to security questionnaires is a time-consuming and manual process. Organizations often have to copy-paste, make slight modifications, and reuse content from previous questionnaires. This is a time-consuming process that can lead to errors and inconsistencies in the final response.

Long security reviews slow and can derail sales cycles.

Benefits of DealPage

  1. Save time and money: DealPage cuts 90% of response time.
  2. Improve quality: DealPage helps maintain accuracy, consistency, and personalization of SQ responses.
  3. Increase win rate: DealPage allows organizations to respond to more SQs in less time, increasing their chances of winning more business.

How it works

  1. Upload SQ: Upload an entire SQ in nearly any format, including PDF, Word, and Excel.
  2. Analyze SQ: DealPage uses AI to analyze the SQ and extract questions, columns, and sections.
  3. Choose Response Columns: Select one column that contains the question you want the AI to respond to.Select any number of columns for the AI to add answers to. The name of the answer column (response, comment, yes/no/na, explanation, etc.) will determine the model’s response. Feel free to add your own columns with extra instructions if needed. Select any number of additional columns for the model to consider. This is most useful when another column includes response formatting guidelines, options, or other information that the model should consider alongside the question.
  4. Review and Edit: Review the first draft response and make any necessary changes with the help of AI. Add or remove content, highlight to ask AI to edit the tone and style, and ensure that the response is accurate and complete.
  5. Finalize Response: Finalize the response and export it into your template in the desired format, such as Word, PDF, or Excel. Share the response with the team for review and approval before submitting it to the client.


  1. Use the Chrome Extension: Use the DealPage Chrome extension to answer security questionnaires in online portals.