Follow-up emails are crucial to moving deals forward and making sure prospects have the right information at the right time. However, drafting these emails can be time-consuming and inefficient.

DealPage helps you draft timely, personalized, and relevant follow-up emails with the right content shared. You can share content from your sales content library, track engagement, and get deeper insights into buyer behavior.

The Problem

Sales reps and AEs typically:

  1. Download content to desktop and share untracked attachments
  2. Copy and paste follow ups from previous deals

This leads to low engagement from prospects, lack of insights into buyer behavior, and lower win rates.

Benefits of DealPage

  1. End-to-End Sharing Workflow: Go beyond copying a link - draft the personalized email with links all in one go, directly from your inbox.
  2. Contextualized: The AI understands the conversation and your previous interactions to provide a more personalized email with the right content shared.
  3. Deeper Insights: Sales reps can more easily share content and track engagement, leading to more data on what content is working and buyer behavior.

How it works

Web Chat
  1. Provide Instructions: In the DealPage Chrome Extension, you can provide custom instructions for the AI to draft the email. You can compose a new email (e.g. for after a discovery call) or respond to an existing thread.
  2. Choose Content: Select the content from your knowledge base that you want to share. The AI will create a unique link and include a formatted version in the email it drafts
Web Chat
  1. Provide Context: You can add additional context, e.g. a meeting transcript, to help the AI understand the conversation and draft a more personalized email with next steps and a meeting recap.
  2. Email Drafting: Click “Draft” and you’ll get a complete, context-aware, personalized email with the right content shared.
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  1. Use the Chrome Extension: The Chrome Extension makes it easy to draft emails with content links.
  2. Add Context: The more context you provide, the more personalized the email will be.
  3. Follow Up Right Away: The best time to follow up is within 24 hours of a meeting or call.