The average sales team spends tons of time syncing up on accounts, Slack messaging teammates and digging through emails to find the latest information. Paige helps streamline information sharing when passing leads from SDRs to AEs, and from AEs to AMs.

This protects against information loss, ensures a smooth handoff, and helps reps close deals faster.

With Paige, you can skip the meetings and messages, and just ask your assistant to catch you up on deals and answer your specific questions. For example:

  1. Summarize the deal with Acme Corp
  2. Who is the decision maker in our deal with Acme Corp?
  3. What product lines are Acme Corp considering?
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  1. Save time: No more meetings or long message threads to catch up on deals
  2. Close deals faster: Get the information you need to close deals faster
  3. Protect against information loss: Ensure a smooth handoff between reps

How it works

  1. Connect your Data: Paige indexes the “Deal Context” from each Deal to answer your questions

  2. Add to a Slack Channel: Add Paige to your Deal room in Slack to get real-time answers and updates about your deals

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  1. Ask your assistant: When looping in a Sales Engineer or Account Manager as deals progress, we recommend asking Paige to catch them up on important aspects of the deal proactively. They can ask their own questions as well.
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  1. Connect your CRM to have Deals/Opportunities automatically sync with DealPage. We’ll index all of the standard CRM objects and properties. If we miss a field that you need, just let us know at support@dealpage.ai
  2. Meeting transcripts and meeting notes have a ton of important context regarding deals, so try to upload those whenever possible.
  3. If you have email threads with important context, you can import them to a Deal to have them indexed.