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What is DealPage?

DealPage is an AI platform designed to help technical sales teams close more, close faster, and keep buyers happier.

We do this by removing information barriers between your team and the world. By connecting our advanced AI Agent with your technical documentation, sales content, and customer communications, you can enable personalized, enterprise-level guidance for every account.

Our AI Assistant, Paige, can help you answer technical questions from teammates, instantly respond to customer questions, answer questions about your accounts, and complete workflows. This frees you up to do what you do best - focus on your customers.

Who is DealPage for?

RoleUse Case
Sales Engineers
  • Provide technical support to reps and AEs
  • Prep for meetings by quickly understanding SDR and AE activities
  • Respond to emails, RFPs, and Security Questionnaires
Account Executives
  • Get answers to questions about products instantly
  • Prep for meetings and review SDR activities
  • Write personalized follow-up emails and share content
Account Managers
  • Get caught up on all pre-sales activity
  • Get answers to questions about products instantly
  • Leverage insights to find the best opportunities to grow accounts
Sales Enablement
  • Build an improved AI Content Library
  • Identify top-performing assets and areas of improvement
  • Address frequently asked questions and generate new content

Setting up

Set up DealPage in 5 minutes or less.

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