We’ve built a greatly improved Sales Content Library. Enhanced by AI, it allows sales engineering teams to search their content, learn from their content, and instantly get answers to any question.

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The Problem

Sales Content Libraries are an important part of the sales process. They provide sales teams with the right content to share with prospects and tools for tracking engagement.

However, sharing content from traditional libraries can be time-consuming and inefficient. Users need to go to the library, know where to find content, copy links, and then write and format into emails or messages.

The content that’s shared, even when done properly, is static and not personalized. Search is often clunky and unintuitive, especially for new team members.

Benefits of DealPage

  1. End-to-End Sharing Workflow: Go beyond copying a link - draft the personalized email with links all in one go, directly from your inbox.
  2. AI-Powered Search: Our AI-powered search engine makes it easy to find answers from within documents and find links to the content to share with prospects.
  3. Learn Faster: Reduce time-to-competency by 50% by providing AI-guided courses and instant feedback.
  4. Deeper Insights: Sales reps can more easily share content and track engagement, leading to more data on what content is working and buyer behavior.

Content Library

An organized drive that is automatically searchable (including images). Import any file from your computer, or connect an integration to import from tools like Drive, Confluence or Notion. Documents imported from an integration are automatically synced daily.

You must import PDFs with the “PDF with Images” option if you want images to be extracted and searchable


Content is automatically indexed, summarized, and tagged. You can also manually tag content to make it easier to find. Every document has permissions which can be configued to maintain privacy.


Collections are a set of documents that can be shared with a single link. Collections are a great way to organize training modules, playbooks, and other resources for your SEs and other sales team members.

When shared, you’ll get detailed analytics including the time viewed per document, most common questions, and how far each user made it through the collection. You set up collections by simply selecting content from your knowledge base, writing a brief introduction, and some example questions for viewers to ask.

They’ll have the option of chatting with the Collection Owner, or with the AI to get instant answers.

Example Collections:

  1. Training for New Product X
  2. New SE Onboarding
  3. Competitor Landscape and Battlecards

Verified Answers

Verified answers are custom question/answer pairs that are used to tune the AI model. The model will prioritize matching answers in Verified Answers before sources from your content library.


Content Viewer

The content viewer is a personalized, interactive way to share content with prospects. It includes (if enabled) a personalized introduction, suggested follow-up questions, built-in chat, and content recommendations.